What to wear for tinder dates

The right style for the right date

Dating apps like Tinder or Happn are not the miracle cure to a hardened celibacy, but they allow to socialize, relax and maybe even live a love affair-or more. One thing is certain: even when the resulting appointment (and why we strongly recommend you peruse the Date guide, you will not have much time to seduce must therefore put everything on. your side.

He went to see the expert mode in Stylight to extort 6 tricks of style to look good without overdoing it!
First the basics right

You will meet for the first time a person who, in his Tinder profile seems to please you. But ven if you exchanged a few messages on your passion for House of Cards and share your deepest feelings on the last sound of Adele, you know little or nothing of that person and therefore have little clue on style that would please him. That’s why there are basic. We can go out without fear Jean Levi’s 501 Straight-cut shirt to Scotch and Soda patterns (by rolling up the sleeves if you will look for a more trendy look) and a nice leather jacket of your choice.
classic leather jacket Serge Parientet

Here’s how it becomes impossible to make a misstep. This ensures that the color of the shirt is fitting with jeans, care is taken to match the shoes jacket and voila! They say the first impression is decisive. You, for sure, you will not be cataloged or bobo son to dad at first sight.
High priority on comfort

But of course the most important thing is to be comfortable. There is no point to dress too formally if it is to spend time fiddling nervously his collar during a first date. Above all, avoid skimpy shirts and rings under the arms, like Leonard in The Big Bang Theory on her first date with the lovely Penny. Good compromise between business shirt and the teen t-shirt shirt to tile type “lumberjack”.

At the heart of masculine style for some years, it will inspire your potential future girlfriend to curl up in your protective arms thanks to its soft material and thick.
It is well in his sneakers

The fairer sex is clear: choosing your shoes is a critical point in your seduction potential. So before meeting her flirting, we ask a few minutes to think about how to dress his feet. Once again, we can count on basic good. Superstar, which is all the rage among both men and women, you may even allow to identify another common with your hot date: a common interest in cults Adidas sneakers. If you are not the hipster kind, the leather Chelsea boots are a great choice. Casual enough for a drink in a bar, they still have style.

We chose you a Paul Smith model that will put you in leg for a successful meeting. It matches with the handbag or coat for holding ultra fitting. Missteps, you do not know!
It puts its best foot forward

To develop, we must also learn to build on its strengths. A thin, muscular body? We opted for a T-shirt V-neck suggesting sculpted collarbones.

The bulging biceps? Quick, a polo near Abercrombie & Fitch body that will bring justice to the hours spent in the gym.

You are more highbrow than biscoto? Remember to match your shirt or polo in the same color as your eyes. A shirt with green details will bring out your emerald eyes for a successful Don Juan effect. Finally, if you took beautiful colors to the beach this summer, why not bring out your sexy tan with a white T-shirt that will put it in value?
american vintage sweater
We do not take too seriously either

shirt self-deprecating humor
If you are afraid to hear a pin drop, why not wear something a bit original to initiate the discussion? Many brands like Eleven Paris offer humorous message to T-shirts, like the lighthouse slogan “Karl is my father.”

T-shirt humor Karl Father

A way to make him talk about his admiration for the legendary creator of the brand Chanel, and you know how girls like to talk! For those who are not afraid to take risks, you are offered the “ideal man” seen on the site Mr. T-shirt that shows you know how to show humor and self-mockery. It is said that the inaccessibility makes it attractive, but would you dare to wear this T-shirt Lacoste L! Ve “always lessons”? Sure, this one will not forget you!

Accessories, yes, the bling, not

At the risk of sounding a Hast thou seen avoids wearing clothing with logos galore. No panic, having an elegant but discreet style is not complicated.
brown leather bag

Trendy, minimalist look is very trendy, and gives you more careful image. If the Gucci watches and Arthur Aston bags are safe bets, with a leather bag old house Martin Margiela and shows Tid Watches Black Dial Brown Strap, you show that you do not need artifice to be beautiful …

With these tips in hand, we hope that you will make more effect to your flirt as agent Austin Powers with a horde of models straight out of the sixties …. even at the risk of having too much success! Feel free to share your ideas in the comments (and unlike Austin Powers, to treat your teeth!)
And especially good swipes!