Tips to meet the soul mate on Tinder

Meeting singles when alone is not always easy. No matter what, internet dating sites are part of the avenues possible. Although each person is unique, I give you some tips to find the soul mate on the internet, from my own personal experience and that of my clients for more than a decade

1 – Being honest is a choice …
If you choose not to reveal your real age to attract younger singles on your card and you actually look younger, at least you could mention it in the conversation early enough so that the other does not Is not disappointed and does not continue to waste his time if your real age does not suit him. Also, people are not fools … If you mentioned 35 years on your card and you look like 47 on your photo, many will notice it and you will decrease your response rate.
Same for your physical appearance. Do you have a few inches less than the stereotype ideal and / or some (or several) excess books? You may have fewer answers if you tell the truth, but at least the ones you’ll get will be based on what you really are and not on a false picture!

2 – Be accurate without revealing too much …
Be careful not to write too many details. This makes your long sheet to read can be cumbersome for the reader and also takes away from the mystery. It’s like receiving a gift unpacked! The information you do not reveal is more likely to make the imagination of the bachelor who reads you work and that tends to project his own desires. So do not feel obligated to write all sorts of details about you.

A bachelor who says in his profile: “I like historical films and comedies” says a lot more about his tastes than another who writes: “I love cinema …”. Pay attention to generalities like: “I like good food and good wine. Most people love it! What kind of food do you like? Which dishes do you cook? The same applies to sports, travel, etc. Be more specific about what you like.

3 – Be active on internet dating networks
Whether you are a woman or a single man, do not wait for you to be contacted on the network, go to the others that you like. In Quebec, more and more women are taking the first step because more and more men are afraid to do so. We are no longer at the time, especially for those under 50 when the man offers the woman has …

4 – Plan a meeting in the flesh
When you have established contact, do not stay for months in virtual conversations. Go there at your own pace of course but cross the course fairly quickly. The face-to-face encounter, rather than the Internet, can set the record straight, based on your idea of ​​the bachelor and can cause many delusions or fears. I suggest going for a coffee or a drink. If you feel really comfortable, it could be an appointment for a meal, but do not organize a long candlelit dinner … If you like, you can always propose to extend the appointment. And if you do not have common interests, the appointment will not be monopolized by a long appointment.

5 – Do not expect too much
Do not invest too emotionally in any exchange. If you pack up for a little and you create expectations, you risk seeing your morale diminish and depress. Take internet meetings as one of the means of meeting among others and not as an end in itself. Varying one’s leisure time to meet in the Montreal area or elsewhere in Quebec is an important part of a bachelor’s life. If you want, I can help you with these aspects as well as for your social approaches or to develop a romantic relationship. You can fill out my form to this effect.

6 – Do not fall into the Internet addiction
Find the soul mate on the Internet, why not, but not in the busy to stop your social life to be online every night and / or weekends. Waiting for answers to your messages and emails can be addictive. Set limits and stick to them. So, if you’re looking to be a couple, do not invest everything on the internet. Real life can also bring you nice encounters not to be neglected. And while waiting for the meeting to find the soul mate, continue to have real social ties …
7 – Think about the approach of your entourage
Instead of being alone in your corner looking for love, did you also think of mentioning that you would like to meet the soul mate around you? Exchange with friends, colleagues who like you, cousins, etc. Invite them