Tinder Dating: why you should not lie on your tinder profile

When you register on a dating site, you have to go through the “fill your profile” step. If some people like to indulge and present themselves (virtually), others are reluctant to exercise, or take advantage of it to “reinvent themselves” a little.

Lying on a profile? Tempting. But useless … We explain why.
Small lies, big damage

In the beginning, we say “I fear nothing, behind my screen”, and one may want to create a life more glorious, more filled, traits of character that one does not have … By telling himself That no one will know. Except that, of course; We end up wanting to really meet the person with whom we are discussing. And it will be compromised if we lied!
A lie is not a good basis for a meeting

When you register on a dating site, you hope to start a beautiful story. But for this to be possible, you have to start in the franchise. You can not build anything good on lies, however small (it’s true that 5cm more on his size … but NO!). Trust is the most precious thing … Think about it before venturing into a little lie.
Do not tangle brushes

By lying, one can very quickly get bogged down in unsettled situations. One can for example forget the version we imagined, and become embarrassed, and want to go even further to catch up …. A vicious circle, pleasant for no one. So: wrong good idea!
Showing ourselves as we are

We often lie to get past this, the less. In fact, we want to erase our small imperfections to show only the good sides of our personality. We often forget that it is thanks to them that we enjoy! Head in the air, awkward, always late? This is what makes us endearing.

You promise to tell the whole truth, nothing but the truth? Then dredge!