How to approach someone on Tinder online

Being behind a screen, taking the first step to approach an unknown person is never easy. The first Tinder message sent is indeed the one that will make (or not) the difference and will decide the continuation (or not) of your “relation”. Here are some tips to get you into the water with confidence. And make a maximum of effect!

Bet on originality
The first thing to keep in mind is that messages, your interlocutor probably has dozens, and that to optimize your chances of attracting his attention, it will be necessary to “stand out”. For that, nothing like originality and humor. Do not approach it with a never-ending “Hi, you’re okay”, drop the hooks seen and reviews that no one else or almost does not answer and try instead to find a more shifted and personal way to engage the conversation. For example, you can take inspiration from his / her profile to gather information about him or her and use it to address it. Monsieur is a fan of the PSG, surprise him by throwing him a daring “it would tell you to see the next match of the PSG with a pretty girl? “. And hop, he is bluffed by so much aplomb, flattered that you took the time to look at his profile (and not that his picture) before approaching, and especially piqued in his curiosity … Bingo!

Put the shapes
It is not because you are on the Internet that you can let yourself go to often awkward familiarities and to the limit of the disrespect of the genre “Hi. I like you. We keep in touch ? “. You are reminded that you are addressing an unknown person and that you have not (at least in any case) spent the night together. Avoid familiarity and “buddy-girl” language. As for the vouvoiement, it is up to you to see: it is according to your habits and also your age: the under 30s often have the habit of tuttering, even between strangers. For the rest, create a closeness, but according to the discussions, not in an abusive way. In the beginning, it is better to put the forms and above all respect the bases of politeness.

Identify your commonalities
What better alibi than the common points to engage a conversation? By first going on his profile, spot any commonalities (if there are none, maybe you’re just not compatible?), And use it to start the conversation . He (she) loves David Lynch and you did a film school? You were born in the same city? You do the same job? You both love cooking, gardening or the Homeland series? This is a great opportunity to launch the discussion.

Comment picture
Tackling someone by talking about his photo can be either a very bad idea or a golden opportunity to arouse his interest. Explanations: if you approach it with a simple “Your photo is canon”, admittedly flattering, but not very original, he (she) risks not answering you (especially if he (she) Speaks about her physique and seeks a more serious relationship). On the other hand, if you approach him by asking him where this photo was taken (adding that you think you recognize London), or in what year it was taken (adding that the “baggy” 90s), you may catch his attention and / or get a smile. And that’s enough to win a ticket …

Care for your spelling
This may seem basic but at the time of SMS language and improbable abbreviations, writing correctly can sometimes be a feat, especially on the Internet. Hence the importance, especially during the first exchange, to look after his style and his spelling, it could even be enough to set you apart from the mass … No, the “Kikou”, “Koi de 9” and others have nothing Trendy, it’s on the contrary nerdy and it’s pre-pubescent … So let it down.