Tinder Dating: why you should not lie on your tinder profile

When you register on a dating site, you have to go through the “fill your profile” step. If some people like to indulge and present themselves (virtually), others are reluctant to exercise, or take advantage of it to “reinvent themselves” a little.

Lying on a profile? Tempting. But useless … We explain why.
Small lies, big damage
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How to approach someone on Tinder online

Being behind a screen, taking the first step to approach an unknown person is never easy. The first Tinder message sent is indeed the one that will make (or not) the difference and will decide the continuation (or not) of your “relation”. Here are some tips to get you into the water with confidence. And make a maximum of effect! Continue reading “How to approach someone on Tinder online”

How to get more matches on Tinder

According to a scientific study conducted in the state of the art. It’s not totally your fault if you do not scores. Phew.

The team of Dr. Gareth Tyson, Queen Mary University of London has created 14 fake accounts Tinder for the science we assure you to determine the differences in behavior between men and women on the dating app. Programmed to swiper right all profiles on a 100 mile radius around London and New York, 7 male and 7 female accounts accounts experienced radically different responses from real users: men Matches with less than 1% users they “like” (including men) while women have match 10.5% of the time. Continue reading “How to get more matches on Tinder”

What to wear for tinder dates

The right style for the right date

Dating apps like Tinder or Happn are not the miracle cure to a hardened celibacy, but they allow to socialize, relax and maybe even live a love affair-or more. One thing is certain: even when the resulting appointment (and why we strongly recommend you peruse the Date guide, you will not have much time to seduce must therefore put everything on. your side. Continue reading “What to wear for tinder dates”