About Tinder

The principle of the site is simple. Tinder uses your Facebook data (name, age, profile pictures, Facebook friends and groups preferred) to complete your profile. Time saved at the time of registration, often groping on a dating site.

Second asset, to hang versatile users: Geo-localization. The application searches for you mobile users singles near you and presents. Appear when a picture of a potential soul mate, her name and age. After a quick look at this basic information, it’s a boost to the right as I drag the single in the job profiles that interest me, and a boost to the left I send it to oblivion. If two users each fall in the category like there is match (dating English). And both registrants can then discuss. Fast, efficient, Tinder is an application for single lazy. Or pressed.

Tinder is THE new app of the moment, which may enable the 16 million French singles find the love of their life … or their night! Dating site smartphone, Tinder based on Geo-localization system and allows users to chat with men and women nearby.

Tinder, an app for socializing!

Tinder is one of the flagship app of the year 2013 Everyone talks about it and surely one or a friend (e) bachelor who frequent this new way of socializing. The principle is simple and is based on the Geo-localization system: after downloading the app on their smartphone, it connects via his Facebook username, allowing Tinder retrieve our photos, our age, sexual orientation and especially our location . The app then provides us with pictures of men and women located around us and asks us to “liker” or “dislike.” If there is “mutual match”, that is to say that two people “like” each other’s photo, they can chat together on the App … and meet in the aftermath, since theoretically, they are not far from each other!

The app, very addictive to believe its users, offers a fast, simple and efficient to meet people. Result, full card for Tinder has skyrocketed in recent months. On the occasion of the TechCrunch Disrupt Europe 2013 in October, the founder Sean Rad application has revealed that every day more than 3.5 million “matches” were held on its app. Yet if Tinder is now successful, the concept is far from new: Grindr, a location-based app to facilitate encounters between men, gay or bisexual, already existed for several years. This does not prevent its “straight release” function very well, since last January, Tinder already had 35 million profiles … Among them, Louise, Julien and Natasha, who tell us their experience and lift the veil on this app so popular.

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